Historic Shipwrecks, Their Location & Provenance

Historic Shipwrecks Of The Dominican Republic And Haiti

This book is a compendium of historic shipwrecks surrounding Hispaniola, with a summary of locations and current/previous notable salvage operations including maps, photos and drawings.

Several hundred wrecks are listed and the index contains approximatly 1100 page citations. Bibliography included. 179 pages of content in 22 chapters. Compiled by Dr. Lubos Kordac, a professional diver who resides in the Dominican Republic and consults as a marine archaeologist.

Local history for each focus area provides valuable information regarding the circumstances for the listed wrecks. 28 maps and more than 50 photos.


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About The Author

Lubos Kordac

Dr Lubos Kordac has traveled around the globe in the pursuit of treasure and rumors of treasure.  While working in Cuba, he located a Spanish Galleon once sought by Jacques Costeau himself.  Lubos currently resides in the Dominican Republic and he explores this island as few treasure hunters have, searching for shipwrecks left behind in the fabulous Hispaniola, first foothold of the Spanish Crown in the New World. Aside from work with government institutions and Dominican museums, Lubos is a consulting partner with reknowned salvage companies from the United States working in the Dominican Republic.

Extensively educated, Dr Kordac holds a PhD in Archaeology with a Masters in Languages and a Degree in Economics with a major in Foreign Trade and Tourism. Dr Kordac is fluent in Czech, Slovak, Spanish, English and German and is currently learning Russian and Japanese. 

Main Chapters

  • Modern Wrecks
  • Siver Bank
  • Montecristi
  • Punta Rusia
  • La Isabela
  • Luperon
  • Maimon
  • Puerto Plata
  • Rio San Juan
  • Samana
  • Eastern Coast
  • Saona Island
  • Catalina Island
  • Santo Domingo
  • Azua
  • Isla Beata
  • Ile a Vache
  • Cape Tiburon
  • Port-Au-Prince
  • Tortuga
  • Cap-Haitien
  • Santa Maria

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